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February 22 – 26, 2021, Virtual

Who We Are

We’re Reconnect. We’ve built an evidence-based platform that helps probation programs eliminate busywork, empower clients, and expand best practices. Our platform has two parts, one for you—Reconnect Manager—and one for the individuals you work with—Reconnect Community. Together they’re a path to better program outcomes.

How It Works

Reconnect Manager

Think of Reconnect Manager as the nerve center of Reconnect’s solutions. It’s where everything starts and is a key part of eliminating busywork for case managers and helping programs embrace expand evidence-based best practices.

Reconnect Manager is set up to give case managers an at-a-glance holistic overview of what is on their client’s schedule for the day while enabling case managers to set up tasks for them. With it, case managers can check-in with clients, set up events, perform well-checks, and provide support and accountability. They can also see when a client hasn’t completed a necessary task and follow-up within minutes.

Reconnect Community

Reconnect Community was created to empower clients to complete programs successfully. A free app that clients download onto their phones, it’s user friendly and compatible with both Android and iOS devices made within the last five years. Reconnect Community has a daily task list for clients, so they know exactly what they need to do that day, eliminating confusion and reducing barriers to their success. 

Booth and Expo Hall Hours

Swing by our booth in the expo hall—February 22 – 25—to talk to a live representative about how Reconnect’s platform can improve your program outcomes! Or sign up for a one-on-one meeting on the 26th.

Here are 4 reasons to visit our booth!

Free Resources for Your Program

  • Remote Best Practices for Community Supervision 
  • Chief Still Results: Comparing Community Corrections Mobile Applications 
  • Effective and Appropriate Supervision Practices  
  • 6 Ways to Save 6 Hours 
  • ROI Calculator  
  • Client Resources 
  • Building Killer Grant Proposals  

Learn About Reconnect’s Pricing & Benefits

We’re upfront about what it costs to use our platform, see it for it yourself. Plus check out more detailed explanations of our features works.

  • Reconnect Platform Overview 
  • Reconnect Pricing  
  • Reconnect Phones  
  • Reconnect Platform Security 
  • Reconnect Self-Pay 
  • Reconnect Privacy and Permissions   
  • Reconnect Video Chat 
  • Reconnect’s Communication Suite 
  • Reconnect Events 
  • Reconnect Self-Report

Discover What Current Customers Have to Say

  • Customer testimonials
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Expo Hall Hours


2:15 – 3:45 PM ET 


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12:30 – 2:00 PM ET 

6:15 – Let’s Get Trivial


One-on-one appointments available

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