The Reconnect Product team has spent the last year learning. Learning how to build a pandemic-proof supervision platform. Learning where you spend your time, and where you want to spend your time. Learning where technology’s place is in creating a more equitable criminal justice system.

Today we’re launching the piece of our platform that glues all of that learning together – Benchmarks – into a public beta. With our new Benchmarks feature, you can track the number – or hours – of events in which a participant takes part. No more need to chase down attendance sheets from self-help meetings, call a mental health counselor, or verify court records. Instead, the events to which your participants check-in will automatically be tracked by Reconnect, and Reconnect will inform you if requirements are not being met.

But we’re still learning.

We know we don’t have all of the events you require of your participants. We may need to count events in other ways besides instances or hours. And we haven’t built the reporting yet. All because we want your help in building this feature out so that it’s the most useful for you – whether to coach a participant, present information to a judge, or use in managing your team of case managers.

So I invite you to use the feature, and then please email me at with your feedback. I – and the team at Reconnect – want to help you automate work so that participants can get the housing, job training, and educational support they need for a brighter future. And we think Benchmarks is the beginning of helping you do exactly that.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

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