There is something about a new year—365 unmarked days, each full of possibility and potential—that never fails to be exciting. Especially, when leaving a year like 2020 behind. Here at Reconnect, we’re excited about a lot of things in 2021, but before we dive into 2021, we wanted to share our 2020 Trends Report.  

How Have Reconnect Users Adapted During COVID?

We created our 2020 trends report to explore how Reconnect users changed their use of our platform during 2020’s many twists and turns. We wanted to take a moment to share what our users are doing that have helped them become more efficient, in hopes you may take away some tips for further adapting your own program. Reconnect’s platform is primarily used by problem-solving courts and probation programs, and 2020 presented steep challenges for both. By the time April 2020 rolled around, two things were obvious: 

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic was creating a new reality for the US. 
  1. Reconnect users were already adapting.  

Case managers increased contact with their clients but relied less on traditional contact methods—like phone calls—to reach them

Reconnect 2020 Trends Report

The biggest story? Our data shows that case managers increased contact with their clients but relied less on traditional contact methods—like phone calls—to reach them. Download our trends report now to dive into four specific ways Reconnect users adapted their programs during the pandemic.  

If you’d like to test out some of our users’ adaption strategies for yourself, reach out to to see how you can increase your program’s efficiency.  

Coming in January

Stay tuned, our blog has a lot going on this month.

  1. Probation in America  

This month, we’re starting an exciting new series (right here!) that dives into the history of probation, how it’s changing, current challenges, and how Reconnect is building to meet those challenges.  

  1. A Fireside Chat with Wendy Still 

To top off the series, on January 28th, Reconnect CEO—Sam Hotchkiss—is sitting down with Chief Probation Officer Wendy Still for a fireside chat about her almost 40-year career in probation.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an industry powerhouse. Spaces are limited, register for the chat now. 

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