Eliminate busywork.
Empower participants.
Enhance evidence-based practices.

Software and hardware to connect specialty courts, pretrial, and community supervision programs with their participants.

What Reconnect Offers

Reconnect Manager

Our secure, cloud-based website for case managers. Reconnect Manager is also available as an on-the-go mobile app.

Reconnect Community

Participant mobile app and support website.

Reconnect Mobile

Secure smartphones with Reconnect’s platform. Customizable to program needs.

Video Chat

Our one-on-one video chat was built to help case managers stay in touch with the participants in their program without needing to leave their desktop.

24/7 Location Monitoring

Reconnect is proud to offer hardware-free monitoring to programs through Reconnect Community, ensuring a clear picture of a participant’s location.


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Participant accountability

The tools programs need to know participants are meeting program requirements.

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Enhanced communication and relationship building

Case studies show Reconnect increases and simplifies communication between participants and program staff. 

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Participant self-management and gamification

Empower participants to be proactive in their program journey, enabling them to practice life skills plus build initiative and responsibility. 

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Organization and digitization of program records

Reconnect automatically records and compiles program data for case managers. 

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Clear expectations

Lay out what participants need to do in a simple list. Enabling participants to clearly visualize the day’s tasks. 

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Increased efficiency and resource prioritization

Eliminate busywork by automating drug testing, reminders, forms, curfews, attendance verification, and more. 

How it works

Step 1

Program staff enter program tasks into Reconnect Manager via a web browser

Step 2

Participants are notified of the task via Reconnect Community

Step 3

Reconnect Community verifies participant completion of task

Step 4

Verification is sent to Reconnect Manager and program staff

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