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Reconnect’s messaging features:

  • Two-way communication
  • Text and photo capability
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Read receipts for case managers and participants
  • Automatically recorded messages
  • Printable, savable transcripts
  • Immutable content – messages cannot be changed by participants or case managers
  • Geotags letting staff know where the message was sent from  – can be turned off or on to meet program specifications.

Reconnect offers direct and bulk messaging.

  • Direct: One-on-one messages to participants.
  • Bulk: Messages sent to groups of participants. Bulk messages do not create a group chat – responses sent by the participant to the case manager remain private. Bulk messages can be scheduled in advance.
Video Chat

Simple and user-friendly, Reconnect’s video chats are:

  • Secure and encrypted
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Automatically recorded
  • Available to download

Eliminate the need for paper forms. Reconnect’s digital forms can be used to:

  • Collect demographic information
  • Ask about contact with law enforcement
  • Assess mental health
  • Request self-reflection after a program event like AA
  • Petition to phase up
  • Complete a trip request

Reconnect form functionality includes:

  • Reminders
  • Scheduling in advance
  • Responses recorded to participant profile
  • Submission with or without identity and/or location verification


Curfew and Spot Location Checks

Reconnect can report a participant’s location at specific times with biometric check-ins. The participant checks in by taking a “selfie.” The check-ins can be random or associated with a calendar event.  During the check-in, the software performs a biometric check that logs the location and time. The participant’s location is then compared to whatever location has been assigned to the event (e.g. home address, address of scheduled community service.) Location violations are logged, and alerts are sent to the case manager. Reports of violations are available for individuals or entire facilities.

Location Monitoring

Case managers can noninvasively gather the location of a participant using the phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular capabilities. When the feature is enabled, participants receive random check-in requests with biometric recognition to ensure the phone is staying with them. The location is placed on a web interface (map or satellite view). All location history is saved, and inclusion and exclusion zones can be employed.

Note, location monitoring is not a default feature of Reconnect’s platform. It is only available when ordered by a court program. 

Drug Test Randomization

Reconnect’s drug test randomization can be fully automated or adapted to meet weekly program needs. Programs set up tests, testing frequencies, calendars, and assign participants to the appropriate categories. Participants receive a daily check-in request and are told whether testing is required on that date. The true random algorithm meets NADCP’s Best Practices for drug testing.


Calendar and Reminders

Case managers can create calendar events for participants in Reconnect Manager. Events can be created to verify attendance at a program event (like counseling) or be used solely as a reminder. They are:

  • Fully customizable
  • Can be assigned to a single participant or a group
  • Created with or without a check-in verification
  • Automatically created with a reminder


All Reconnect events have reminder functionality. Reconnect will send a push notification to the participant’s phone reminding them of the event or task. Plus, case managers can create multiple reminders for each event.

Benchmarks and Action Plans

Benchmarks allow participants and program staff to track and visualize progress towards phase or program goals. Customizable templates are used to define action items for participants. Once the template is assigned, the participants see the tasks they need to complete and the time frame they need to do them in on their app dashboard. Participants verify the completion of requirements via the app with check-ins.

Client-Scheduled Events and Forms

Via the app, participants can submit some forms, appointments, self-help meetings, or other calendar events related to program completion—fostering participant responsibility and accountability. Case managers can see all Client Scheduled items from the dashboard in Reconnect Manager.


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