Tools Tribal Courts Need to Support Treatment and Recovery

Reconnect’s caseload management tools allow probation officers to provide accountability for growing client numbers. A secure dashboard lets staff set up automatic reminders, assign tasks, and verify completion. While a user-friendly mobile app makes it easier for individuals to remember tasks, complete requirements, and communicate.

About Reconnect

Reconnect is a tech-based platform built with recovery in mind. Practical, evidence-based tools allow staff to support the individual while providing accountability.

A secure dashboard lets staff communicate more, assign tasks, and see progress. While a user-friendly mobile app makes it easier for individuals to stay in touch with staff, complete court requirements, and recover.

Inclusive and Impactful Features
  • Test Randomization
  • Messaging and Announcements
  • Video Chat Scheduling and Reminders
  • Remote Curfew Checks
  • Electronic Forms
  • Progress Visualization App
  • Scheduled Events and Forms
Add On Features:
  • Hardware-free location monitoring
  • Configurable phones
  • Remote Breathalyzers


…said it was easier to check-in for substance testing


…of users say the app makes it easier to complete program requirements.


…said it was easier to remember tasks

How Reconnect Helps

Increase Communication

Two-way messaging – direct or bulk – makes it easier for participants to communicate with program staff and vice versa.

Confirm Task Completion

Forget sign-in sheets. Use Reconnect to confirm participants are attending counseling sessions, work, or any court task.

Visualize Progress

Show participants how far they’ve come. Encourage them to keep going.

Make Success Simpler

Built in reminders, daily tasks lists, and easy communication. Empower participants to thrive.

Our program has been able to use Reconnect to meet community supervision needs in our remote and rural part of the world. We’ve been very satisfied with Reconnect in the past and we’re looking forward to growing with them in the future.

Coordinator, WY, Treatment Court

The app is very organized and the task page reminds me of events days in advance, which is always helpful.


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