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Reconnect’s caseload management tools allow probation officers to provide accountability for growing client numbers. A secure dashboard lets staff set up automatic reminders, assign tasks, and verify completion. While a user-friendly mobile app makes it easier for individuals to remember tasks, complete requirements, and communicate.

Reconnect solves problems for probation

Eliminate Busywork

Reconnect can automate reminders, collect monthly self-report forms, and verify attendance at required activities. Freeing up officer time to concentrate on the person behind the paperwork

Increase Curfew Capacity

Reconnect’s automated curfew checks enable probation programs improve curfew monitoring. Probation officers can focus in-person checks on those who need more support and let lower-risk individuals check-in with Reconnect.

Reduce Miscommunication

Reconnect is set-up to facilitate clear communication between probation officers and individuals. Probation officers know the individuals have the information they need and the individual knows they have a way to communicate.

Make it Easier to Succeed

Virtual tools make it possible for individuals to complete sentencing conditions without undue burden. Have a check-in meeting? No one needs to travel. Do it through the app. Need to submit a form? Set it up and collect it through Reconnect.

 Your Budget and Reconnect

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Automate reminders
  • Automate form collection
  • Streamline report generation 

Reduce Supervision Fees

  • Utilize remote check-ins for curfew
  • Employ virtual case meetings
  • Enable remote attendance verification 

    Reduce Participant Expenses

    • Reduced program-related travel expenses
    • Reduced work interruptions 
    • Reduced stigma 

    Inclusive and Impactful Features

    Video Chat

    Scheduling and Reminders

    Electronic Forms

    Event Attendance Verification

    Progress Visualization

    Messaging and Announcements

    Test Randomization

    Remote Curfew Checks

    Add-On Features

    Hardware-Free Location monitoring

    Configurable Phones

    Remote Breathalyzers

    Our program has been able to use Reconnect to meet community supervision needs in our remote and rural part of the world. We’ve been very satisfied with Reconnect in the past and we’re looking forward to growing with them in the future.


    Coordinator, WY, Treatment Court

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