Case Management

Take Your Case Management to the Next Level 

Reconnect can integrate with your existing case management tool and expand your program’s capabilities with action-based caseload management tools. Reconnect has existing integrations with multiple case management platforms and can build custom integrations. 

Reconnect Benefits 

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting programs can use to evaluate programming, outcomes, and more.

Improved Communication

Cross Collaboration with multiple partner stakeholders

Integration Ready

Out-of-the-box and custom integrations available.

Robust Data Management

 Track hundreds of data points for your programs, gain unparalleled insights, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

#1 Engagement App

Empower clients to optimize their recovery with on-the-go access to information, engagement, resources, and support.

Built-in Assessments

Our case management system offers a range of standardized assessments and unique assessments can be added to meet program needs. 

Role Based Access

Fine-tune user access based on role – ensuring each user only sees and interacts with the parts of the platform relevant to their responsibilities

Built-In Forms

Effortlessly gather program materials with built-in forms with the added convenience of customizable flagging for easy organization and tracking. 

Collaborative Case Planning

Ensure all staff can easily access and track progress, to-dos, and client activity, making coordinated efforts a natural part of your workflow.

How Does Reconnect Enhance Case Management Tools?

Improve & Increase Client Communication

App-based communication tools make it simple for program staff to communicate with clients. Research shows open communication builds positive relationships and better outcomes.   

Visualize Progress

Break down program tasks and goals into measurable chunks. Seeing progress improves the likelihood of task completion and increases successful outcomes.  


Virtually Verify Completion of Program Tasks

Move past collecting sign-in sheets.  With Reconnect, clients can confirm they have attended program events—AA meetings, counseling, work—with a simple selfie.

Provide Stigma-Free Accountability

Reconnect employs smartphone technology to discreetly verify location and task completion without bulky, expensive hardware.  

Reduce Paperwork and Busywork

Utilize built-in reporting, automatically recorded messages, electronically collected forms, and more.  

Support Success

Make it simpler for clients to complete program requirements with evidence-based tools.