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We’ve solicited customer feedback as we’ve developed every piece of our platform. These real customers discuss the difference that makes. With Reconnect,  they’ve been able to improve outcomes for staff and participants.

Hear from our customers 

Standout Participant Stats

87% said Reconnect makes communication easier.

90% said Reconnect made turning in forms easier.

100% said Reconnect made checking in for drug testing easier.

91% said Reconnect helped them remember program tasks and responsibilities.

Not only does video supervision make probation officers more efficient, but if the individual is holding a device and I can talk to them on break, their job isn’t at risk. This is a win/win.

MW, Probation Director

It’s life-changing!

AH, Pretrial Case Manager

Reconnect has promoted more human interaction within our program and helped us build personal relationships with our participants.

JS, Case Manager

I think Reconnect is very helpful and beneficial. My clients seem to enjoy it as well.

SM, Probation Case Manager

[Reconnect] is something we can set and the program works for itself.

PG, Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator

[Your video platform] is the easiest thing. I don’t know why I thought we needed an hour to learn that.

CF, County Administrator

Standout Casemanager Stats

100% said Reconnect makes communication easier.

100% had some positive experiences with Reconnect.

If I have any questions, I can message [my] pretrial officer and she gets back to me very fast. I don’t have to wait days to get an answer.

Reconnect Community User

Helps a lot with [the] daily activities that’re planned for me …great app thanks

Reconnect Community User

[Reconnect Community] helped me out. It let me know when I had my meetings and when I needed to communicate with my probation officer. It saved me time when I needed to ask a question…I think this app is very helpful.

Reconnect Community User

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