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Diversion Programs Are a Fork in the Road

Provide tools for the right path

Studies show that successful completion of a diversion program can decrease future recidivism risk by 48%. But staying on top of all the moving pieces can be tough for staff and the individual. Reconnect can help.

For staff, our secure, web-based dashboard makes it simple to verify task completion, see progress, and communicate. For individuals, our mobile-app makes it easier to see what needs to be done and complete tasks.

How can you use Reconnect?


Verify Completion of Program Tasks

With our mobile app, individuals can verify they’ve completed program requirements with a selfie check- in. The automated process verifies location, identity, time, and sends it all to program staff.

Visualize Progress and Expectations

Reconnect’s benchmark tool provides a concrete visualization of what progress the individual is making for staff and the individual. While Reconnect’s daily task list clearly lays out what to do each day.

Connect and Communicate

Our HIPAA compliant communication suite makes connection simple. Individuals have a secure pathway to staff. Staff have an efficient way to provide information and meet with the individual.

Provide Support

Recovery isn’t easy. Use Reconnect to set individuals up for success with reminders, scheduling, electronic forms, and more.

Reconnect Tools

Task Completion

  • Automated verification
  • Biometric check-ins
  • Built-in reminders
  • Customizable settings


  • Two-way messaging
  • Video chat
  • Electronic forms
  • Announcements

Progress Visualization

  • Goal setting tool
  • Staff dashboard of progress
  • Fully customizable
  • Repeatable tasks


    • Daily task-list
    • Built-in reminders
    • Testing check-in
    • Calendar tool

    Inclusive and Impactful Features

    Video Chat

    Electronic Forms

    Progress Visualization

    Test Randomization

    Scheduling and Reminders

    Event Attendance Verification

    Messaging and Announcements


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