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Evidence-based pretrial programs start here.

Ensuring that defendants show up for court and maintaining public safety is at the center of pretrial accountability- growing caseloads and increasing supervision lengths don’t make that easy.

Reconnect can fill the gap! Our secure website improves efficiency for staff while our mobile app provides increased accountability and support for defendants. Reconnect’s suite of pretrial tools support both evidence-based practice and NAPSA guidelines.


Built-in Reminders

Calendar events in Reconnect’s platform are automatically created with reminders – no more remembering to turn them on. Can be assigned to groups or an individual.

Electronic Forms

Stay up-to date on contact information, job details, address changes and more all submitted through our app – no more paper.

Messaging and Video Chat

Improve and increase communications with HIPAA compliant messaging. Ensures defendants have the information they need and an easy way to contact staff.

Discrete Accountability

Different risk levels need different tools. For higher risk defendants, virtual curfew checks and hardware free monitoring can be used through Reconnect’s app with no stigma.

Reconnect Impact

Reconnect Community made it easier to connect and set up in-person meetings with my case manager.

KE, Reconnect Community User, Maine Pretrial Services

Reconnect is life-changing!

AH, Case Manager, Maine Pretrial Services

If I have any questions, I can message [my] pretrial officer and they get back to me very fast. I don’t have to wait days to get an answer.

SG, Reconnect Community User, Maine Pretrial Services

Reconnect’s features allow pretrial programs to:

  • Remind defendants of upcoming court dates
  • Complete virtual program check-ins 
  • Communicate clearly and quickly with defendents 
  • Maximize their most precious asset: time

Reconnect Impact


of users said it was easier to complete forms


of users said it was easier to remember court dates and tasks

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 Your Budget and Reconnect

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Automate reminders
  • Automate form collection
  • Streamline report generation 

Reduce Supervision Fees

  • Utilize remote check-ins for curfew
  • Employ virtual case meetings
  • Enable remote attendance verification 

    Reduce Participant Expenses

    • Reduced program-related travel expenses
    • Reduced work interruptions 
    • Reduced stigma 

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