Recently, Reconnect® and Smartox® entered into a partnership agreement that will have great impact on the way the industry moves forward with drug and alcohol testing and reporting.   

This agreement ignites momentum for Reconnect to be the sole digital solutions partner for an electronic chain of custody for use with the SmarTest® Patch! What does that mean?  

As you probably know, chain of custody (COC) of any testing results is a very manual and arduous process full of manual forms and procedures. It can be fraught with the potential for human error that can cause enormous problems and delays in the court systems. To keep this short, Reconnect can provide a way for agencies to automate this process when using the Smartest Patch that is safe, secure, and efficient.  

Why the SmarTest Patch? Reconnect prides itself in partnering with the best companies in the industry. Simply put, Smartox has the best product of this type on the market: 

  • It is the first drug and alcohol testing patch that includes the ability to test for alcohol biomarkers!   
  • It is smaller and costs significantly less than any other patch on the market.   
  • It is highly accurate, easy to administer and collect results. 

Here are a few other benefits the Reconnect Platform brings to this partnership: 

Digital client record keeping- No more pulling reports and calculating screening numbers manually.  

Drug test randomization- completely customizable, these random testing requests can be set up in the platform and then the system does the work for your staff. 

Reminders- customizable to each client’s needs, reminders can be sent via text, email, or push notifications through app.  

E-signatures-This feature saves agencies time and makes it as convenient as possible for clients to get the patch administered and collected by adding flexibility to where they can have these services performed. COC forms can be filled out and digitally submitted. Clients can go to any certified location to have the patch administered or results collected.  

“We’re thrilled about the potential for increased support this partnership can give agencies and their clients,” says Pete Andrews, CEO of Reconnect. “Making it easier to set up required testing, remind clients so they make their appointments, and safely and efficiently collect results and report findings will have great impact on the amount of time it takes to complete COC procedures.” 

“We’re extremely excited to have Reconnect join our list of approved vendors for the SmarTest Patch,” says Duffy Nabors, VP, Sales and Marketing for Smartox. “Their platform will significantly enhance the use of our SmarTest Patch and together we will give agencies the much-needed technology to simplify the testing and COC processes to make it more accurate, efficient, and cost effective.” 

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