What do you do at Reconnect?

I handle research and communication for Reconnect. I stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, look for market trends, watch legislation, and create case studies and white papers. Basically, I read a lot and write about it.

What’s your favorite part of working at Reconnect?

Being part of a company that is working hard to make a tangible difference. Working alongside a phenomenal group of people (my colleagues are the best). And getting to nerd out over emerging research on a regular basis.


White Pillows on a Bed

What “old person” thing do you do?

According to the kids on TikTok, I am old. But brushing that aside, I get very excited about clean sheet day. Climbing into bed after I change the sheets is one of my favorite things.

Bonus Question: Did you have a rebellious teenage stage?

Nope. I had my rebellious stage in my late 20s. It was awkward. Let’s not talk about it.