At Reconnect, we’re constantly working to improve the solutions we offer and make the important work you do easier, faster, and more efficient, both in the middle of a pandemic and beyond. That’s why this week we rolled out a series of new features and relaunched our participant app, Reconnect Community. We want it to be easier for you and your program participants to get a holistic view of your to-dos and know exactly what’s required to make the day a success!


New Dashboard for Reconnect Manager

 Reconnect’s new dashboard interface gives case managers a holistic view of their participants and their day. Enabling managers to see at a glance:

  • Daily event calendar
  • Check-in reports
  • New messages
  • Violations 


New Printable Self-Reporting Forms With Mass Assignment

 We’ve simplified the process of mass assigning forms to participants as well as printing completed forms. Making it easier to update participant information and share it with program staff or partners.


Our participant app has been reconfigured to improve participant success. The latest version of the app shows participants a daily to-do list, letting them know the exact steps they need to take that day, eliminating guesswork and confusion.


  • Send participants payment reminders
  • See when payments have been made

We love feedback! Let us know what you think about these new features.