Tennessee Association of Recovery Court Terms of Service to use Reconnect

To enter the Reconnect system you acknowledge and agree to the Tennessee Association of Recovery Court Professionals terms of use.

The information contained in Reconnect is highly confidential client records and users agree to keep all information confidential and follow all State and Federal rules, laws, and regulations. Confidential information shall not be disclosed, except as required or permitted with a partnering agency without proper releases of information. System access granted to a partnering outside agency shall be subject to terms and limits of this agreement.

The State of Tennessee has operational control and can suspend or terminate any and all access at its discretion. The Tennessee Association Recovery Court Professionals is the contracted agency to provide ReConnect, and as such, is required to monitor the system and its use. In the event that monitoring determines the user agreement is breeched by any party (user or program), TARCP can suspend use until the incident has been resolved.

Data collected within this system is used solely for the analysis of effective delivery of services to program recipients. As the funder of this project, the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has full access to all data on the platform. As the contracting agency for ReConnect, TARCP has access to all data necessary to perform under the contract. This includes full access to the platform and overview data of each program. It is not the intent or purpose of TARCP to access confidential client information.