Hello Reconnecters! 

 My name is Melih Onvural, and I’m the new VP Product at Reconnect. I’m really excited to help make this platform one that improves outcomes across the criminal justice system. One of my goals is to bring you deeper into our roadmap and ask for your help in developing the features you need to help us improve this product. In that vein, every six weeks, we’re going to give you an update on what we’ve launched, what’s coming next, and new projects where we’re looking for your feedback. 

 You’ll notice in the screenshots below our new branding and user interface refresh for Reconnect Manage. Learn all about those updates, and why we did this, here

Now, on to the update! 

Newly launched features  

  • Check-in by blinking 
    Participants can check-in simply by blinking at the camera – no buttons. This makes the process of daily check-in more secure for you and easier for the participant!
  • Client info sheets

When a new client is entered into our system, case managers can now print a helpful onboarding document to print and hand off to a client. It contains links to the app, instructions for logging in, and other helpful guidelines. 

  • Hidden events
    Case Managers can now create scheduled events that do not display on a participant’s schedule in the mobile app. 

Up next 

  • Hardware-less monitoring 
    Reconnect is adding the ability to track participants in your programs based on their cell phone’s location. With the ability to require random check-ins throughout the day to ensure compliance, this is the first step in our platform to drive down the cost and stigma for low-risk participants who require electronic monitoring. If you are interested in hardware-less monitoring, please reach out to solutions@reconnect.io.
  • ReconnectBand and ReconnectBreath 
    Reconnect is expanding its product offering to include an ankle monitor (ReconnectBand) and breathalyzer (ReconnectBreath). The initial pilot program is full. If you are interested in adding either device to your program, please fill out the opt-in form.


  • Event Reminders via SMS 
    Reconnect is adding the ability to send SMS reminders for events ranging from court dates to support group meetings. If you’re interested in being part of our pilot, please email melih.onvural@reconnect.io for details.


  • Reconnect Manager Mobile App
    Reconnect is launching a new Mobile App to bring the Reconnect Manager dashboard experience onto the mobile device of on-the-go program administrators. For more information about the initial release contact solutions@reconnect.io.


  • Self-Report Survey 
    Reconnect is building Self-Report functionality into the platform to simplify the process of connecting with participants. If you’re interested in being part of our pilot, please email melih.onvural@reconnect.io for details.


  • Built-in Video Chat 
    Reconnect is building Video Chat functionality into the platform to ease the burden of traveling for face-to-face check-ins. If you’re interested in being part of our pilot, please email melih.onvural@reconnect.io for details.  

We’re excited to bring you these features and fix the bugs that you’ve helped us find, and look forward to continuing to reduce recidivism together.


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