Breathalyzers In The Palm Of The Hand

Simply issue phone-connected breathalyzers to your participants and let Reconnect Community handle the rest. These police- grade, compact breathalyzers are reusable by multiple clients. An electrochemical fuel cell sensor- driven breathalyzer connects to the app via Bluetooth technology.

Reconnect Breathalyzer Device


Easily pair the breathalyzer to your client’s phone via Bluetooth.


More discreet and less burdensome than traditional devices.


Clients check-in via video with attached location data.

A group of people attend a meeting

Events and Curfews

Our mobile app, Reconnect Community, includes tools for scheduled events, like curfew and location checks.  Facility staff are able to create events via the Reconnect Manager interface and notifications are sent directly to the client’s iOS or Android smartphones.  Set a schedule for when participants should be at work, treatment, or home. Then, require check-ins, breathalyzer checks, and more.  You’ll can also choose to be notified if they aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Additionally, you can set events to repeat for recurring appointments.  We can even require clients to check-in when they arrive at a location.  Ensure clients have attended their sobriety meetings and confirm their location with GPS.

We recommend pairing scheduled notifications with your existing check-in windows and ad-hoc check-in requests to keep your high-risk clients on the right track!