Client Scheduled Events and Forms

As of September 15th, 2021, Client Scheduled Events and Forms will be a default part of Reconnect’s platform, try it out!



What’s it mean?

A) Using Reconnect Community, individuals will be able to submit select events and forms from their phones.

B) Case Managers see and review the submitted events and forms in Reconnect Manager.


What are the benefits?

Decreased workload

  • Case Managers aren’t solely responsible for adding items to client calendars
Fosters client self-management
  • Encourages the development of personal skills, initiative, and responsibility in a supportive environment
Facilitates communication and relationship building



How do I use it?

Check out this support article to learn how it works and get implementation tips.

Want to see how it looks for clients?

Check out these articles.

  1. How to Submit an Event 
  2. How to Submit a Form 

Our webinar – Events and Forms: 201 – is over.

We covered utilizing client-scheduled events and forms and tips on how to get more out of  Events and Forms!

The recording is now available on Reconnect’s support site.