Community Supervision for the Modern Era.

Software and hardware to connect specialty courts, pretrial, and evidence-based community supervision programs with their participants.

What Reconnect Can Do for You

Facilitate Participant Accountability

  Simplify and Increase Communication

Reduce Busywork


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Events and Reminders

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Messaging and Video Chat

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Curfews and Location Monitoring

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Support for Program Staff

Support for Participants

Reconnect’s features allow community supervision programs to:

  • Ensure participants are meeting their conditions of release. 
  • Streamline accountability.
  • Communicate clear expectations of particpants 
  • Maximize their most precious asset: time

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What Community Supervision Users Say

[Reconnect’s] video chat made it easier to have appointments with clients who have medical issues and/or live out of the county. I think Reconnect is very helpful and beneficial. My clients seem to enjoy it as well.


Case Manager, Colusa County Probation, California

With Reconnect, I was able to send messages directly and know clients received the message with the read feature. Reconnect also meant that clients could no longer use the excuse that they forgot their classes, counseling, or appointments.


Case Manager, Colusa County Probation, California

Reconnect is a fast way to deliver information.


Case Manager, Colusa County Probation, California

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 Your Budget and Reconnect

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Automate reminders
  • Automate form collection
  • Streamline report generation 

Reduce Supervision Fees

  • Utilize remote check-ins for curfew
  • Employ virtual case meetings
  • Enable remote attendance verification 

    Reduce Participant Expenses

    • Reduced program-related travel expenses
    • Reduced work interruptions 
    • Reduced stigma 

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