Reconnect vs. The Others

Are you looking for a participant app to provide communication and accountability for your program? Created with practical evidence-based features, here’s how Reconnect Community stacks up against other leading apps.

Feature Reconnect Competitor A Competitor B  Competitor C  Competitor D Competitor E
Two-Way Messaging 
HIPAA Compliant
Selfie Check-Ins
Biometric Identification 
Electronic Forms 
Testing Randomization 
Video Chat
Curfew Checks
Progress Visualization (Benchmarks)
In-App Initiated Forms
In-App Initiated Events
Hardware Free 24/7 Monitoring
Participant Support 



Reduce staff burdens by automating manual tasks like drug testing, curfews, reminders, and forms.


Know participants are meeting program requirements with built -in verification of task completion.

Reduce misunderstandings by increasing communication between participants and program staff.

Set participants up for success by clearly laying out what tasks need to be done and when.

What people are saying


…say Reconnect makes it easier to complete program requirements.


…say Reconnect makes it easier to remember program tasks.