May 13, 2019

Contact: Stephen Quirk
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Call2test is revolutionizing the probation and parole industry

CUMBERLAND, ME – Call2test™, the leader in remote offender monitoring technology (, recently announced a series of initiatives to expand its foothold in the probation and parole markets.  Already adopted by over 140 courts across 30 states, the company is growing rapidly in 2019 and is currently negotiating rollouts across some of the largest cities in the US.

“With ConnectComply, we’re able to leverage advances in technology to reduce the cost of monitoring offenders in the community by as much as 95%, while making the process more reliable and discrete.  Our products help everyone — offenders, taxpayers, and law enforcement — and provide a framework to reduce recidivism” said CEO and founder, Sam Hotchkiss.

In March 2018, the company successfully launched ConnectComply, an intuitive smartphone app that allows offenders to quickly learn if they are due for a drug or alcohol testing.  The app uploads the person’s image, the date and time the photo was taken, and geolocation data. In return, the person is presented with a message informing them if they are due for drug or alcohol testing.

Recently the company has added a secure, HIPAA-compliant, messaging platform, as well as court reminders and automated curfew checks.  The coming months will see a number of new features added to the platform, creating the first complete community monitoring solution.

To keep up with growth, Call2test™ has hired six employees since January and plans to hire a total of 25 new employees in 2019.  They are currently raising $1.5m in investment to support the build-out and deployment of their new functionality.

Founded in 2009, Call2Test™ LLC has pioneered the use of technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of the criminal justice industry.  Using technology, they have streamlined the offender monitoring process for tens of thousands of offenders and staff nationwide.


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