Podcast: A Conversation with David Rogers, Training Director for the NNCOE

In this captivating episode of Justice Speaks, JSI delves into the transformative world of tribal justice with Mr. David Rogers, Training Director at the National Native Center of Excellence (NNCOE). Explore pressing justice issues within tribal courts and discover how innovative approaches are reshaping the landscape of justice in Indigenous communities.

David Rogers, Training Director for the National Native Center of Excellence (NNCOE)

After an unexpected shift from aspiring rancher to public speaker during his high school years, David Rogers embarked on a distinguished career in Criminal Justice. His journey began when he was recruited by the superintendent of Nez Perce National Historical Park to speak on Native American culture. This opportunity led to an eighteen-month stint in the United Kingdom with the United States State Department, engaging audiences about Native American traditions and issues.

Upon returning to the United States, a chance encounter with an Idaho state police trooper steered him toward law enforcement. David has since held various significant roles, including patrol officer, Lieutenant, Captain, Under Sheriff, and Chief of Police, serving both tribal and non-tribal communities. His extensive experience propelled him into training and leadership, where he spent 14 years as the training manager for the Indian Country Training Initiatives under the COPS Office. During this period, he founded the National Indian Youth Police Academy and the Tribal Probation Academy, among other training programs focused on addressing the specific needs of tribal communities.

David has achieved considerable success in enhancing tribal law enforcement programs, elevating their professionalism and training capabilities. His areas of expertise include 21st Century Policing in Indian Country, Community Policing, Building Collaborative Partnerships, Tribal Based Leadership, Native Youth Gangs, Drug Trafficking, Victim Based Supervision and Investigations, and understanding Tribal, Federal, and State Jurisdiction.

Most recently, he completed his tenure as the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Coordinator for both the Western and Eastern Districts of Washington State under the US Attorney’s Office in Seattle. David continues his dedication to tribal public safety and education as the Deputy Director and Training Director for the National Native Center of Excellence, part of the Lighthouse Institute based in Normal, IL. 

A Conversation with David Rogers, Training Director for the NNCOE

by Justice Speaks Podcast Episode #65