Podcast: A Conversation with Johanna Braud and Fletcher Hyacinth with Lousiana Supreme Court Drug and Specialty Court Office

Justice Speaks continues its series of interviews with State Treatment Court Associations’ leaders and State Treatment Court Coordinators by interviewing Johanna Braud, the Statewide Coordinator for the Louisiana Drug and Specialty Courts office, and Fletcher Hyacinth, the Statewide Program Attorney/Manager at the Specialty Court office for the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Johanna Braud, Statewide Coordinator

For Johanna, her journey to the Specialty Courts’ office began over two decades ago when she joined the office with responsibility for its fiscal monitoring, tasked with ensuring that Drug Court programs managed their funding correctly. Her efforts were instrumental in organizing funding and establishing accountability. As the years passed, she climbed the ladder, becoming the Business Services Manager and eventually assuming the role of Director when her predecessor retired a year and a half ago. She’s been an integral part of the Supreme Court Drug and Specialty Court office for 21 years.

Fletcher Hyacinth, Statewide Program Attorney/Manager

Mr.  Hyacinth’s embarked on a journey that took him from the Caribbean to the United States in 1994. He pursued psychology as an undergrad and went on to law school at Loyola in New Orleans. Around 2005, he became involved in establishing a Drug Court program, initially feeling like a “lost ball in tall grass.” However, with support from All Rise, he received invaluable training and experience, serving in various roles within the program. Those roles included Drug Court coordinator, case management, drug testing, and even hearing officer. He gained a holistic understanding of the system, from the ground up, and built strong connections with participants and their families, navigating both triumphs and challenges.

A Conversation with Johanna Braud and Fletcher Hyacinth with Lousiana Supreme Court Drug and Specialty Court Office

by Justice Speaks Podcast Episode #57

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