Podcast: An Interview with Leadership from the FADCP

In this episode, Justice Speaks continues its series about State Treatment Court Associations and interviews  Melanie G. May representing the Florida Association of Drug Court Professionals (FADCP).

Judge Melanie G. May

Judge Melanie May serves on the Fourth District Court of Appeal and received a National Center for State Courts Distinguished Service Award. Judge May became a judge in 1991, starting as a circuit court judge in Broward County before moving to the DCA in 2001. She served as chief judge of the appellate court from 2011 to 2013. While on the circuit bench, she distinguished herself by overseeing one of the nation’s first drug courts. May serves on the Supreme Court Steering Committee on Treatment-Based Drug Courts, and she served on the Advisory Council to the Office of Drug Control since 1999. On a national level, Judge May served as a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and on the Council of Chief Judges of State Courts of Appeal, chairing numerous committees and now serving as its president. 

During the interview, Judge May explains that after that she was appointed to the Florida Court of Appeals in 2001 her only regret from the appointment was giving up presiding over her Drug Court.  Judge May, also discusses how large her Drug Court was, starting with 400 participants and ending up with the largest treatment court in the country at 1,800.

An Interview with Leadership from the FADCP

by Justice Speaks Podcast Episode #46

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