Behavioral Change, Progress, & Technology

Chief Wendy Still

Get to Know Judge Diane Bull

Judge Diane Bull is a retired judge who presided on the criminal bench in Houston, Texas for 24 years.  Prior to her judicial service, she pursued her legal career as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and as legal counsel for a large law enforcement organization. 

Currently, she serves as a special judge sitting by assignment in Texas and as a judicial consultant providing technical assistance and training on treatment court and supervision best practices throughout the country. 

Judge Bull trains most frequently on topics related to behavior modification using incentives, sanctions, and therapeutic adjustments.  She is an award-winning judge who serves on the Governor’s Texas Specialty Court Advisory Council. In her tenure on the bench, she co-founded and presided over the Harris County SOBER DWI Court program and chaired the jurisdiction’s Specialty Courts Committee for many years.

Behavioral Change, Progress, & Technology: Take Two 

Behavioral change is challenging and even more so when individuals are dealing with substance use disorder (SUD). How can justice staff help this process and what can technology do? Judge Bull will tackle those questions in this webinar. Judge Bull will discuss:

  • Behavioral change
  • Why it’s challenging
  • How justice-based programs can facilitate that change
  • The ways technology can make the process simpler

Judge Bull will include practical program examples for attendees and have a Q&A portion at the end.

Date: Thursday, June 8th

This webinar has ended 

Webinar Resources

  1. Webinar Recording: Link Here
  2. Webinar Slides: Pending

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