Dear Customers–

I’m writing to you from Phoenix, where Team Reconnect is currently having our annual company retreat, and all of our team members have the same worries on their minds: how do we get home, how do we make sure our families are safe, and how do we go about our lives in this uncertain time.  But another question keeps coming up: “what are our customers going to do?”

At a time when people are being told to stay home, how do case managers meet with clients?  How does court get held?  What is your plan?

First off, please rest assured that the Call2test/Reconnect platform is well secured, and we see minimal risk exposure from COVID19.  We have engineering offices in 4 cities across the country, and our data is stored in multiple highly redundant data centers, so we have significant measures in place to ensure the continuity of our services. 

We’ve been working on a new feature, Video Chat, which we were planning to launch this summer. We’ve accelerated the timeline and we’re going to roll out video chat to all of our customers on March 23rd, 2020. That way you’re able to support your clients without needing to be in the same space. 

Some highlights of how our video chat platform works: 

  • Case managers initiate a video chat call from within the Reconnect Manager interface. That call rings on the participant’s phone, and they answer it like a normal phone call. The case manager uses the microphone, speaker, and (optional) camera on their computer, and sees the participant while they talk (just like FaceTime or Skype). 
  • Our video chat platform is 100% HIPAA-compliant and encrypted. 
  • All calls are automatically recorded, and the recording is available for the case manager or their manager to play back after the call. 
  • You can view the location where your participant is during the call. 

This feature will eventually have an associated cost, but to help support our customers during this national crisis, we’re going to waive all costs until June.  At that time, we’ll reach out to you to find out whether you’d like to keep it or not.  We are also offering this functionality over that time frame to any new customers, also at no cost, so if your probation departments or pretrial service agencies can benefit from this functionality, we’re happy to help. 

We are looking for a handful of programs to help us test this feature next week, if you’re interested in helping, please email 

Thank you for your loyalty and for the hard work that you do. Be well. 



Sam Hotchkiss
CEO and Founder
Reconnect, Inc (Formerly Call2test)