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See how you can impact incarceration and recidivism by leveraging advanced technology.

Reconnect’s solutions automate your daily tasks and allow you to perform them remotely—all while alleviating caseloads so more care can be given to program participants themselves.

Reconnect’s solutions were designed to eliminate busywork, empower participants, and let programs embrace remote accountability.

Improve program efficacy and make the progression from program enrollment to graduation simple, efficient, and holistic.

How It Works

An image showing how Reconnect Manager and Reconnect Community work together in the cloud.


Using Reconnect Manager, program staff quickly and simply put together the needed components for their program—self-report forms, events, and import participants.  

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When they enroll in a program, the participant downloads the Reconnect Community app onto their phone or phone provided by the program. They use the app to see what tasks they need to complete for the day and to stay in contact with their case manager.

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Reconnect Manager allows case managers to see at a glance what is going on with their participants. Manager can be used from a desktop or a phone.

Reconnect Community allows participants to stay on top of their daily tasks and communicate easily with their case manager.


Reconnect has add-on solutions created to add an extra level of accountability and ease for both participants and case managers.

Reconnect Bands
Video Chat
24/7 Location Monitoring
Reconnect Phones

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Your participants complete all of the items they need to to successfully exit the program.


Reconnect Manager 

Think of Reconnect Manager as the nerve center of Reconnect’s solutions. It’s where everything starts and is a key part of eliminating busywork for case managers and helping programs embrace remote accountability. Reconnect Manager is set up to give case managers an at-a-glance holistic overview of what is on their participant’s schedule for the day while enabling case managers to set up tasks for participants. With it, case managers can check-in with participants, set up events, perform well-checks, and provide support and accountability. They can also see when a participant hasn’t completed a necessary task and follow-up within minutes.

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Schedule Events

Each event can be set up with automatic reminders for participants. Regardless if the event was completed, it gets automatically logged in Reconnect Manager to make keeping track of participation simple.

Events might include check-ins for job attendance or court dates, curfew or wellbeing checks, and other customizable events.

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Communicate Securely

Communication through Reconnect’s platform is automatically saved and cannot be erased, making it easy to reference and reduce the risk of miscommunication. Ensure secure contact with our two-way, HIPAA compliant secure messaging. Announcements can be sent to multiple participants in bulk quickly, with read receipts to know when your message was seen.

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Request Forms

Reconnect’s forms were designed to keep you on top of changes in your participant’s life and wellbeing. Schedule mental health forms to check on a participant’s depression and anxiety levels, or assign forms ad hoc to have participants update contact information or other life changes.

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Provide Accountability

Accountability increases program success, and Reconnect’s platform helps keep participants in check. Easily determine if participants have missed any of their daily tasks, set geofences and know if a participant has stayed within a defined geographic area.


Reconnect Community 

Reconnect Community was created to empower participants to complete programs successfully. A free app that participants download onto their phones, it’s user friendly and compatible with both Android and iOS devices made within the last five years. Reconnect Community has a daily task list for participants, so they know exactly what they need to do that day, eliminating confusion and reducing barriers to their success.

Check In

For each check-in, Reconnect Community verifies the location and identity of participants and checks that the check-in isn’t spoofed.

Get Test Alerts

Quickly find out if a participant has been scheduled to complete a drug test for that day.

View Reminders

See reminders for any upcoming events to help keep participants on track.


Easily communicate with case managers remotely using messaging functionality.

Complete Forms

Fill out and submit self-report forms that have been assigned to participants.

Self Pay

Participants can pay monitoring fees all within the Reconnect Community app, saving time by not having to visit a kiosk.



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Video Chat

Our one-on-one video chat was built to help case managers stay in touch with the participants in their program without needing to leave their desktop.


  • Keeps case manager personal information private
  • Integrated communications in one app
  • Secure with recorded videos
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Mobile Devices

Reconnect is excited to be able to supply programs with a means to monitor and stay in touch with program participants. These phones are locked down to meet program and sentencing specifications while providing the tools participants need to complete the program.


  • Devices are fully customizable; programs decide which featues are available to the participant on the device
  • Reconnect Community comes installed on the device
  • User friendly
  • Multiple pricing plans
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24/7 Location Monitoring

Reconnect is proud to offer hardware-free monitoring to programs through Reconnect Community, ensuring a clear picture of where participants are. It’s accomplished by utilizing Reconnect’s GPS enabled check-ins frequently throughout the day, coupled with our biometric verification process to ensure participants are with their phone.


  • No bulky hardware
  • Spoofing protection
  • Check-ins can be randomized or ad hoc