Bulk Messages & Announcements

We recently launched our new Bulk Message and Announcement features. Bulk Message lets you save time by messaging multiple participants of your choosing at once.

Need to alert your whole population with important information? We’ve got you covered. Announcements will let you do just that, with the option of sending a push notification to participants using Reconnect Community for immediate alerts.

Key features

  • Allows case managers to send the same message to multiple participants
  • Case managers can filter participants by group, testing profile, check-in window, calendar, or assigned case manager
  • Messages are delivered as individual threads to each participant—no group chat
  • Announcements lets admins alert all participants with critical information—immediately or scheduled in the future


We love feedback! Let us know what you think about Bulk Messages and Announcements.


Print Form Submissions

By customer demand, we’re adding the ability to print form submissions. Case managers will be able to export one or more participants’ form submissions across a chosen date range as PDFs.

So if you need to print a form for a court hearing, share internally with other staff, or attach to a participant’s case file, you’ll be able to do it easily. 

Two New Forms: the GAD-7 and the PHQ-9

In the next few weeks, we’re adding two new forms to help you keep tabs on your participants’ mental health. The PHQ-9 is a scientifically-validated depression severity measure. The GAD-7 is an analogous measure for anxiety.

Case managers can schedule these new forms the same way they schedule the check-in form. Participants will be able to fill out the forms on the Reconnect Community mobile app, and case managers will be able to see which participants filled out the survey and keep a digital log of past responses.



New Dashboard

An iMac with the new Reconnect Manager web app.We’re modernizing the dashboard to highlight recent new features in Reconnect Manager—the dashboard will now serve as a case manager’s peek into participants’ daily activities. We’ll display:

  • The daily check-in report
  • Unread messages from participants
  • Pending recent violations
  • All of your participants’ events throughout the day

ETA: July 2020 

Reconnect Community Redesign

A hand holding an iPhone showing the new Reconnect Community app.We’re hard at work redesigning Reconnect Community to better serve your participants. The app will be much more focused on the tasks a participant needs to complete every day to have success in the program. We’re also adding more opportunities for positive reinforcement.

ETA: August 2020 

Enhanced Events

We’re reimagining our Events feature to make it easier-to-use than ever.
Look forward to:

  • Event assignment to multiple participants at once
  • Distinct event creators for different events
  • Check-in verification at the beginning and end of an event
  • And many other enhancements to make a case manager’s life easier

We will launch with a new way to assign Forms, then support community events (events involving multiple participants like group counseling sessions).

ETA: August 2020

Interested in getting a closer look and giving us feedback?