self-report events mobile app
We’ve been working on some new features that we think you’ll like, especially because they’ll help make your client’s life just a little bit easier—and as a result, make yours easier too.


Multiple Curfew Locations

Case managers can now add additional addresses to a specific client’s profile. This allows your client to check in for their curfew from home, work, or any other approved location without creating a violation. For example, a client may be allowed at their apartment but may also have a job that requires they take two nightshifts per week—now when they check in, as long as they’re at either location, they will remain in compliance.


Self-Report Events

Our goal over 2021 is to automate work for you. Verifying the number of community service events or twelve-step meetings a client attends shouldn’t keep you from helping with education or housing.

With our new self-report events functionality, a client can add their own event to their schedule within Reconnect Community for your approval, and Reconnect can do the verification and counting for you. Imagine, a self-help meeting was just scheduled and your client needs to let you know. The client can save you time by inputting the event themselves, it will automatically be sent for your approval, and that’s it—no paperwork or additional verification needed.


Inclusion Zones now support days of the week

When a client is on 24/7 location monitoring, their schedule quickly becomes complicated. Reconnect has added the ability to schedule inclusion and exclusion zones based not only on time of day, but also on day of week. Now you can input their current schedule to ensure their inclusion zones are always up to date.


Custom Self-Report Forms

Did you know that Reconnect will build custom forms for your facility? Just this month we launched a custom pre-trial check-in form to allow one of our customers to gather bond information from their clients.


Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to the support team anytime.

Melih and the Product Team